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The She Built It Podcast with Melanie & Dr. Michele

Dec 8, 2020

Strategy without marketing is a white board of ideas that will never leave the room. Marketing without strategy is sound and fury signifying nothing and content without strategy is a jumble of pointless words languishing on your website.”

Meet Shanna Belott, Chief Content Officer at PreDiction a Nashville based content marketing firm for thought leaders. For more than a decade, Shanna has been ghostwriting SEO-savvy content for CEOs and other business leaders across multiple industries. She’s created more than a hundred widely-viewed guest posts for Forbes and HuffPost, ghostwritten articles for dozens of high-traffic digital and print publications, and generated reams of blogs, videos, eBooks, and other content for corporate websites and social channels. 

Shanna says “True, and effective, content marketing is an ongoing and consistent conversation with your target audience where you are connecting and understanding what your audience needs and wants to hear, and how you can provide valuable information that's going to help them.” Listen and be inspired.